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Review Your Credit File

We’ll Analyze Your Credit Report. We’ll Be Looking for Negative Items Like Collections, Charge-Offs, Tax Liens, Judgments and Late Payments That May Be Hurting Your Score.

Write To Agencies

We Will Then Write to Each of the 3 Credit Agencies (Transunion, Experian and Equifax) Aswell as the Actual Creditors Directly. The Letters Will Include Disputes, Appeals, Validation Requests and Goodwill Interventions.

Unlimited Negative Items

Keep in Mind We Will Be Doing This for All of the Negative Items on Your Reports Right From the Start. Also, You Can Log Into Our Client Portal and Check Your Progress Report, Which Will Show You What Has Been Removed and Which Items Remain.

Repeat The Process

We Will Analyze the Items Not Yet Removed and Generate New Letters Addressing Them Again. We Will Do This Every 30–45 Days Until You Are Happy With the Number of Removals and/or the Credit Score Increase You Have as a Result.

What We Can Offer You


As we offer an unlimited service we get our clients to their goals a lot faster.


Where most companies’ charge a monthly fee to do a maximum amount of work, we offer an unlimited service that is much, much faster.


We dedicate a specific “expert” to each client who knows your file to provide you with the best service.